English language, literature and culture form the conceptual center of this university career. We will help you with our commissioned writing service and advice in this field!

One of the most demanded university careers in the field of humanities is the English / American studies. Although some universities only deal specifically with English or American literature and culture, many others combine both with language as the common denominator through a series of similar subjects, to create a general career. Along with learning English as a language, there is a great connection with English or American literature and culture, as well as with the knowledge of the cultural aspects given by certain sociological and historical aspects that form the general approach of the career. In order to develop an idiomatic competence, it is possible in many universities to offer a stay abroad, a program of internships abroad or even to offer a year of studies in a foreign country. This degree offered as a degree or master consists of, normally, about 10 semesters and although the most common exit is the teaching of English as a foreign language; This career does not have a unidirectional profile, since there are many other opportunities for incorporation into the world of work such as journalism, working with information media, as well as in the publishing industry or the suggested teaching.

Along with the ease for languages ​​and cultural interest in the culture and daily life of American or English society, the degree in English or American studies also implies a series of disciplines, communicative difficulties, as well as social competences. Since the majority of the career is based on the study of the bibliography, students need a high level of self-discipline and responsibility or commitment. It is also necessary to have the ability to self-organize in the degree of American / English studies, since many times one must freely choose the contents on which to study and find independently the answers to the difficulties that are presented to them throughout their life. college career. In many universities, the degree or master in English studies is strongly structured and modulated. If you want to finish your degree in the same terms that are required, you will usually have a great time problem to perform all the tasks that are entrusted to you and integrate them, if necessary, into your routine when you are abroad. For this reason, no

It is strange that you are asked to complete three or four written works over a semester about a point of culture, literature or language; so, we recommend and offer the help of professional Ghostwriters and advisors specialized in the subject.

General information about the degree of English or American studies

The degree of English or American studies is based primarily on the acquisition of English language skills. Most of the bibliography is written in English and is also the vehicular language of classes and seminars in many universities; since the subject of English is rarely dealt with in a mother tongue. While in the degree oriented to American studies, the subjects are centered mainly in the North American continent; if English studies are carried out, the logical thing is that many universities that offer it are centered in Great Britain.

There are numerous events in the language field, such as linguistics or English language practice; and numerous courses on American and English bibliography and on customs and cultural issues are offered within the curriculum. In the more advanced semesters, as well as in the masters, students should focus on a specific topic of the field of study. That is why, as already stated, teaching is not the only way; there are other possibilities such as translation, journalism, theater, as well as literature or television and cinema.